Vocabulary Learning Resources

VOCABULARY LEARNING RESOURCES WEBSITES To educate ones self in any language one has to learn the vocabulary. The vocabulary learning resources is free website run by Marilyn Estelle. She is a vocabulary expert and review free vocabulary resources. It can get confusing sometimes for parents and children to choose the right kind of vocabulary learning programs on the Internet, because of the number of free vocabulary learning websites available on the net.

Hence it would always be better to take the advice of an expert and understand their ratings of each vocabulary resource. It can save a considerable amount of time and effort on the part of the learners, besides getting access to the best sites and most suitable instantly. The vocabulary learning requirement varies with each year and class.

Hence the website has been categorized with several pages such as grade school, middle school, high school, college, adult/success, SAT, GRE, ESL. One can search out the learning resources available and most suitable to the child, teenager or adult. On choosing the appropriate group one is allowed to view the various free vocabulary learning resources available for that category.

Each of the most suitable websites are listed along with a title which is normally the name of the website itself. In each of the descriptions is included the number of pages in the website, the number of lessons it offers and the kind of lessons whether it is pronunciation guide, definition, synonyms, antonyms, and model sentence, a sentence completion activity, and a test Homonyms, Homophones, and Words with Multiple Meanings are also presented. The description also states if fun games puzzles and worksheets are available and provides instant links. You can have direct access to the website you find suitable directly from the vast range and variety of choices provided. With the aid of the site a suitable schedule for study can be created.

This site is extremely useful for students, beginners, adults and even foreigners who are just beginning to learn the English language. The Grade school page contains information on websites such as Sentence master English writing games, reading workshop with golden web award and super kids educational software reviews. The page on middle school provides information on such web sites as resources for middle school science, Middle school software- it's time for learning and Fun, Books/ resources- National middle school association and Instructional services/standards of learning resources. The high school page contains details of sites like Teacher resources/Foreign language, Vocabulary book study for high school students and ESL/EFL Teaching and learning resources. Increase your vocabulary with the best vocabulary builder; Term paper help, research papers, custom essay writing and term paper research are some of the sites found on the college page. The adult page has sites like 2006-2007 general education, Back to college site map, Federal resources for educational excellence and guides to helping kids with learning difficulties.

The SAT page has links to Free practice test and practice materials, Free SAT vocabulary preparation download and building a better vocabulary.

Marc Slater is author of this article on Vocabulary Learning Resources. Find more information about Vocabulary Learning Resources here.

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