Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Your bridesmaids are special people - friends and family members - who you have individually chosen to stand beside you as you begin an exciting new chapter in your life. These individuals have always been there to lend a helping hand, a listening ear and a word of encouragement. Now it's time to show them your appreciation for their support. The following is a list of unique and creative gift ideas to give to all your bridesmaids for their help in making your wedding day all the more special.

Morning at the Spa: The morning of the wedding, treat them all to an hour at a local spa. They'll be able to relax and feel rejuvenated. Most spas offer facials, nail services, massage and a host of different body wraps and products to take home. Who knows, maybe you can splurge and join them, too. It might be quite awhile before you get to spend quality time with them again. And it will help calm those pre-wedding jitters.

Engraved Heart Locket: Make each bridesmaid's gift truly memorable, by personalizing it. These types of gifts are always appreciated, and most importantly, they are always remembered. An engraved heart locket is a simple, elegant way to say thank you to all these wonderful women. Consider a monogram on one side and your special message on the other.

Place special pictures on the inside. They're sure to be treasured keepsakes. Gift of Pearls: Show your appreciation with pearls.

They are the perfect wedding accessory, appropriate for brides, members of the bridal party and guests alike. Consider a pair of simple pearl studs or a mother of pearl necklace for each of your bridesmaids. Silk Pajamas: Soft, sensuous, ultra-feminine silk pajamas are an ideal gift for bridesmaids. Nothing is more comfortable for lounging around or sleeping in. For a personal touch, have these monogrammed with each bridesmaid's initials. Homemade Scrapbook: If you have the time, create a scrapbook for each of your bridesmaids.

Highlight the friendship or special relationship that you have had with each of them over the years. Leave the last page blank with a little sticky note that says - for our group wedding picture. Choosing your bridesmaids may have been a challenge - finding that perfect gift to express your appreciation shouldn't be. Just consider all your options, such as those gifts listed above, and think of the one thing that you might like to receive if you were in their position.

Good luck and congratulations!.

© 2005, Kathy Burns-Millyard. Here's a gorgeous unique bridesmaid gift that can be personalized, or browse more unique wedding gifts at Shoppity.com.

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas - The following is a list of unique and creative gift ideas to give to all your bridesmaids for their help in making your wedding day all the more special.

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