Practicing Lead Guitar Using Guitar Backing Tracks

One of the toughest part of learning the guitar is not about the scales but about playing the lead. Yes! Every guitarist wants to grow up and play the lead guitar but it is not as easy as you think unless you are using guitar backing tracks. Guitar backing tracks is a necessity for every guitarist and if you want to be a lead guitarist then this is something that you can't do without. Guitar backing tracks are fundamentally nothing more than professionally re-mastered tracks without vocals and guitar and are used mostly for practice or live performances. There are times when you might not have a band to practice with, what do you do? Simple! You just purchase some guitar backing tracks from Planet of Rock. Since guitar backing tracks don't have lead guitar and vocals, it will be far more easier to practice your lead with the music that is already there on the guitar backing tracks.

Some of the more advanced guitar techniques that you can use while practicing lead guitar and with the help of guitar backing tracks include bending. Bending is one of the common modes of playing the lead. What you really do in when practicing the technique of bending is to play the first note whether it is a C or a G and then bend that specific string with the help of your playing finger and also with other fingers. Bend it until you are able to hear the next note. There are different types of bends including like the solo bend, 1/2, 1 1/2, and 2 step bends.

There is also the pre-bend technique where the string is already bent even before you strike it. The best way to practice you bends is with the help of guitar backing tracks of numbers like Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani or For The Love of God by Steve Vai. Bend/Release: This is a simple technique where you need to bend first and then release it so that the string comes back to the first note or the original note.

Hammer-on: Hammer-on is a rather popular technique used by Rock guitarists all over the world. You can use this technique even on an acoustic guitar. All you have to do is pluck the first note only while hammering the second note at a higher fret.

Here is an example of hammer-on that you can play with guitar backing tracks: |-------------| 1st String |---5-h-7-----| 2nd String |-------------| 3rd String |-------------| 4th String |-------------| 5th String |-------------| 6th String Pull-off: Pull-off's normally go with hammer-on's and what you have to really do is pluck the first note and then pull the second note at a lower fret. Here is an example of a pull-off: |-------------| 1st String |---7-p-5-----| 2nd String |-------------| 3rd String |-------------| 4th String |-------------| 5th String |-------------| 6th String The other techniques that you can use for playing the lead guitar include sliding, Vibrato, Tapping,Natural Harmonic, Pinch Harmonic and Palm Muting.

Eugene W is the founder of Planet of Rock. Listen to 1000s of Guitar Backing Tracks and jam anytime anywhere with real rock legends like Stevei Vai, Satriani with professional Guitar Jam Tracks

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